Post-Transplant Travel

Packing for travel can sometimes be a challenge, but when you add in health issues it presents another world of issues.

I’m heading off for a 4-day writers retreat to Rottnest – an island just off the coast of Western Australia – which is only a short ferry ride away. In travel planning its small scale.

The most important task is always getting my medications ready.

Phew! <br>Lucky I only have to pack for 4 days this trip!

Phew! Lucky I only have to pack for 4 days this trip!

I always carry back-ups of my transplant medications and creon. Antibiotics are also a travel must in case of infection.

In addition to the medications pictured above, I’ve also got an extra days worth of medication pre-packaged, (if I was going interstate or overseas, I would carry up to an extra weeks worth of medications.)

Travelling domestically also means I don’t have to organise a doctor’s letter to explain the small pharmacy I’m carrying on this trip.

A sample of my spare medications for this trip

Next task is topping up my Smurf Aid bag. In case of emergencies I’m ready to take care of any minor first aid issues – a banged up toe may not be life-threatening to most people, but my immune system is deliberately compromised to protect my new lungs, so it’s essential that I stay on top of any potential infection risks.


Smurf Aid!

Smurf Aid!

Only when all of the essential things have been packed, can I get to the fun part of packing.

Dr Who legs? Or Snow White?


Dr Who? Or Snow White?

Dr Who? Or Snow White?