Book Week 2015. Books Light Up Our World

I was rather chuffed with myself, when in a light bulb moment Jeremy style, I realised that not only was Fay, (The Lighthouse Girl by Dianne Wolfer), an Australian book character, but that using her as my dress-up character would make me ‘on theme’. Being on theme is something I’ve rarely accomplished; I tend to pick a character that has resonated with me, or that I feel will resonate with the students.

“But will the children recognise you?” my husband asked.
He was no doubt referring to my disappointment in Bookweek 2013 when I dressed (in my mind) as the dashing Skandian Oberjarl, Erak, from The Ranger’s Apprentice / Brotherband  – only to discover that most of the students were convinced that I was Knut from The Last Viking (Norman Jorgensen & James Foley).

Bookweek 2013 – Skandian Oberjarl, Erak

This time, I was confident. Of course, they would recognise me! I’d had Dianne come out to talk to the years 4 -6 about both The Lighthouse Girl and The Light Horse Boy the previous term.  Dianne had not just explained the use of semaphore flags, she’d also demonstrated how to sign using them.  It couldn’t possibly fail.

But fail it did. My most astute Year Six library monitor was convinced that I was some sort of pirate wench (my word, not hers, yet the meaning was clear!) what with my ruffled shirt and shoes, all the signs were there. She wasn’t quite sure what pirate book I was from, but I was most distinctly wearing pirate shoes.

I wanted to wail in reply that they were most definitely NOT pirate shoes, but my most “sensible librarian” shoes. But “sensible” and “librarian” in a sentence together are not words that people tend to use when they describe me, so I kept quiet.

Bookweek 2015 As Fay

Book Week Parade 2012

We have such a fantastic school community – given that our replacement library has not yet arrived and we’re a little short on books since the fire, we still managed to celebrate book week in style!

Here’s a happy snap of me dressed up as Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

And in a rather unfortunate event, none of the students realised who I was.

Perhaps I’ll have better luck next year?

Count Olaf - Bookweek 2012

Count Olaf – Bookweek 2012