I am an experienced public speaker and have presented to range of differing audiences including:

  • Donor Families
  • Medical Professionals
  • Library & Teaching Staff
  • Schools
  • Community Groups

My regular presentations include Author Talks* and Writing Workshops* along with Education / Awareness / Fundraising for both Cystic Fibrosis and Organ Donation.
If you’re after a different sort of talk or workshop please use the contact page to enquire further.

* I charge Australian Society of Author rates for both Author Talks and Writing Workshops.

Pepsi the ‘Perfect’ Puppy – the real Pepsi Parsons Story
This presentation focuses on the real stories behind Pepsi the Problem Puppy and using real life events to write believable fiction.
Includes behind the scenes photos, drafts, make your own origami puppy (for K and PP), and ample question time.
This talk is suitable for Primary Students.

My Journey to Transplant
This presentation focuses on my life with Cystic Fibrosis and my life Post Transplant, (aligns with the WA Curriculum, Year 11 Health, Ethics of Organ Donation)
Includes hands-on activities, and ample question time.
This talk is suitable for High Schools, Community Groups & Medical Professionals.
View more detailed information about My Journey to Transplant Presentations here.

The Mystery of the Sixty-Five Roses & Cystic Fibrosis Education
This talk focuses on Cystic Fibrosis, (aligns with the WA Curriculum under Respiratory System) and is best suited to students from year five upwards.
Includes hands-on activities and ample question time. View more detailed information about The Mystery of the Sixty-Five Roses Presentations here.