Junior Fiction

Pepsi the Problem Puppy

Pepsi the Problem Puppy by Sandi Parsons with illustrations by Aśka

From the moment Pepsi launches into her new household it’s clear that she is disruptive, definitely NOT house-trained and boy can she slobber!
Pepsi leaves a trail of destruction in her wake and Rosie’s mum has had enough.
Will Rosie have to say goodbye to Pepsi?

(July 2017, Faraway Nearby Ink, $12.99, paperback, 9780987615701)

On Sale Date 27th July 2017

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Short Stories

The Last Walk

The Last Walk / CF Creative Space

It started as a dare – a simple boredom buster to keep the hospital blues at bay.
Now the stakes are higher and it’s time to complete the walk one last time.

“The Last Walk” set in the early 90s, is a celebration of the special friendships that people with Cystic Fibrosis share. The character of Saanvi is a nod to all those fabulous nurses from B12 who understood that bond and also actively participated in the shenanigans that made hospitals stays far more lively than they should have been.

CF Creative Space


Breathing Life into a Dream / Writing the Dream

Breathing Life into a Dream by Sandi Bowie /Writing the Dream anthology

No two writers are the same, but they have one thing in common: they are storytellers at heart and their deepest desire is to be heard.
Writing the Dream shares the stories of twenty-five Australian writers, from emerging to established authors.

(November 2016, Serenity Press, $26.99, paperback, 9780994633736)
(November 2016, Serenity Press, $3.99, e-Book, 9780994633743)

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Picture Books

The Mystery of the Sixty-Five Roses

The Mystery of the Sixty-Five Roses is available on Amazon, iTunes & Kobo
The Mystery of the Sixty-Five Roses by Sandi Bowie and S.J. Hutton

A picture book about a boy, his sneakers and a quest to find sixty-five roses.

Learn about Cystic Fibrosis through Jeremy, a cheeky 10-year-old, as he slips into ‘Super Stealth Mode’.
When Darcy tells Jeremy that she hasn’t been to school all week because she has sixty-five roses, Jeremy is determined to find the roses for himself and see if he can get extra time off school.


(December 2012, Cystic Fibrosis WA, $12, paperback, 9780646557250)
(May 2015, Cystic Fibrosis WA, $4.99, e-Book, 9780646938837)

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