Pepsi’s Year in Pictures. 2016

Life of a Working Dog

Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor


Pepsi, like all working dogs likes to be active, she’s also fond of giving story advice…


… and swinging on the office chair.


Editing makes her sleepy …


… and filing is boring


Reading is a much more productive pastime.


Bath times should banned. And if she can’t roll on the grass, the back seat will do.

She was always hopeful at breakfast…
… and excelled at keeping my face clean.


Every good cattle dog needs a cow, and Pepsi loves hanging out with hers.
She had a little trouble getting to sleep on Christmas Eve…pepsi-parsons-christmas-eve… and was overjoyed with her new squeaker

Sadly, the squeaker didn’t survive it’s Boxing Day surgery …


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Writing the Dream Launch

Writing the Dream was officially launched on 18th November 2016 at the Centre for Stories in Northbridge.

Writing the Dream Display. Photo credit: Teena Raffa-Mulligan

With 25 authors, scattered around Australia, not everyone could attend the launch…

Writing the Dream authors attending the launch

 … But Jenn J McLeod, did the next best thing with this ‘photobomb’ all the way from the East Coast.

Jenn J McLeod photobombing Louise Allan and Tess Woods
Jenn J McLeod photobombing Louise Allan and Tess Woods. Photo credit: Teena Raffa-Mulligan & Jenn J McLeod

Serenity Press team, Karen and Monique looked gorgeous on the night. Their individual speeches and ambitions for Serenity Press are inspiring.

Karen and Monique. Photo credit: Teena Raffa-Mulligan

I’ve been fortunate that the people I’ve met along my writing journey have been incredibly supportive, particularly those I have met through the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I was overjoyed to be included in this anthology,  and the fact that I was able to share it with two of my closest writing buddies, Rebecca and Teena, was the icing on top.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith, Sandi Parsons & Teena Raffa-Mulligan

writing-the-dream-coverWriting the Dream is available for purchase now:
You can Buy the print edition directly from Serenity Press
or Buy the eBook from the Amazon kindle store.