Book Week 2018

Book week  started on Friday 17th August with a Hollywood themed dinner with the WA branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

With Amber Moffat & Susanah Hammond – Photo by Jan Nicholls

Guest speaker A.J. Betts entertained us with tips she’d picked up during production of Zac & Mia TV Series (based on her novel) and later during her visit to attend the Daytime Emmys.

Monday featured Book Character Dress Up Day – a chance to be very eighties and channel Fancy Nancy.

This years Book Week theme is ‘Find Your Treasure’
Who would find the treasure first?
The Pirates?
The Dragons?
Or the students?

Find Your Treasure – Book Week 2018

Students had to find answers to questions in bottles or rebus questions, most requiring them to search on both the Library OPAC or Google (and sometimes both!) in order to ‘claim’ their treasure
The level of difficulty of the question determined what prize box they could ‘claim’ a treasure from.

On Wednesday I had to strap in Pepsi’s stunt double to head off to Cambridge Library.

Pepsi’s stunt double being a perfect Canine Story Advisor and showing off the Healthway 2&5  message

Youth Services Librarian, Melissa Payne introduced all my sessions and even this potato loving author learnt something.
With over 4,000 edible variety’s of potatoes in Peru (including purple ones!) I’ve now got a new travel destination on my bucket list.

The Year 6s came on a writing journey with me, learning how to turn real life events into fiction, ending with a scurryfundge.
Then the Year 1s, and Pre-primary students got to make their very own Canine Story Advisor – I hope they’re not as troublesome as mine (although you do need a spot of trouble to make a story interesting!)

Many thanks are extended to Cambridge Library for inviting me and to the Children’s Book Council of WA (and their fabulous Book Week sponsors — The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Lotterywest and Healthway through their Go for 2&5 message) for making both my visit – and author visits all around the state possible, exposing students to the love of reading.

Meanwhile back at school, my kidlets were still busy finding answers and claiming treasure. In fact, I run out of pins to display all their answers and have another stack of answers in my desk draw!

Can you spot the WA titles in turned into rebuses? (All Clipart used is from Open Clipart)

Book Week is always a busy and important time, and I think this year’s Book Week was the best so far … but I say that every year!


Book Week 2017. Australia! Story Country

Early in the week Irena Kobald shared the story behind her award-winning picture book “My Two Blankets” with the students in Years 2 – 4.

With Irena Kobald

With Irena Kobald

And on Friday, I ticked all the boxes for our Book Week Parade.

Will is small for his age but fast and quick-witted.

All his life he dreamed of becoming a great knight (Librarian / Book Warrior that’s close enough right? )
On theme, Australia! Story Country

And this year most of the students knew who I was dressed as.

Dressed as Will / Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan

Dressed as Will / Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan


Given my dubious track record (2015 2014 2012) at Book Week Parade, the big question is will I be able to tick all the boxes next year?


Tiny Hats on Cats – Book Craft

Last term I purchased this adorable book ‘Tiny Hats on Cats: Because Every Cat Deserves to Feel Fancy’ by Adam Ellis.

Tiny Hats on Cats by Adam Ellis

Tiny Hats on Cats by Adam Ellis

Not only is it filled with adorable pictures of moggies with their tiny hats – most of whom seem somewhat appreciative of their new head gear – but it also contains instructions on how to make these tiny hats.

Hats and Instructions!

Hats and Instructions!

I gave the student who borrowed the book for the holidays a challenge – to make a tiny hat for his cat!

He rose to the occasion and made three of the tiny hats.

Check Out These Tiny Hats!!

Check Out These Tiny Hats!!

I’m told his cat wasn’t as agreeable as the felines pictured in the book, however, the resident library cats love their new look.

Resident Library Cats in Tiny Hats

Resident Library Cats in Tiny Hats

Okay truth is only The Cat in the Hat loved trying on a new hat, Garfield remained unamused.

And Pumbaa felt left out and had to join in.






I wonder if Pepsi Parsons would like a tiny hat…

Want to make your own tiny hats for cats?