Pepsi at HeARTlines

Visitors to the 2017 HeARTlines festival in Midland got to see a sneak peek of the illustrations from Pepsi the Problem Puppy.
Aśka was one of several talented West Australian illustrators who had work on display in the gallery spaces at the Midland Junction Art Centre during the festival.

Pepsi at HeARTlines 2017 – Photo by Denis Knight

If you missed the exhibition, you can view more of Aśka’s stunning artwork on her website

Pepsi’s Year in Pictures. 2016

Life of a Working Dog

Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor


Pepsi, like all working dogs likes to be active, she’s also fond of giving story advice…


… and swinging on the office chair.


Editing makes her sleepy …


… and filing is boring


Reading is a much more productive pastime.


Bath times should banned. And if she can’t roll on the grass, the back seat will do.

She was always hopeful at breakfast…
… and excelled at keeping my face clean.


Every good cattle dog needs a cow, and Pepsi loves hanging out with hers.
She had a little trouble getting to sleep on Christmas Eve…pepsi-parsons-christmas-eve… and was overjoyed with her new squeaker

Sadly, the squeaker didn’t survive it’s Boxing Day surgery …


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