A Problem Puppy Indeed

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know that Pepsi is indeed a Problem Puppy.

Four months ago she developed a bump on her skull. At the initial vet visit, we were told that it was most likely a calcification due to her have cracked her head (she’s kind of silly and does stupid things a lot, so it made sense.) If it was something more sinister, they expected it to grow quickly. Between 3 – 6 months, we should see the lump start to go down.

Last month, we sought a second opinion from our preferred vet at the clinic, and he agreed with the first diagnosis – especially given there hadn’t been a drastic change in her bump, which normally would have occurred with cancer well and truly by then.

Pepsi’s bump changed drastically at the four-month mark. And so last week she had X-rays and a biopsy. She has a massive growth between her skull and brain extending into her nasal cavity. Cancer. Pepsi has canine cancer.

As of Wednesday, she is in palliative care. She is happy and has some heavy duty pain meds. The pain meds mean she gets fed a little more often, so she thinks that’s the bee’s knees.

In true Pepsi form, she has a bucket list. Top priority is making her way through the 5kg of roo that arrived in the post on Friday.


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