2017 Christmas Tree Additions

Anyone familiar with my Christmas Tree Rules will recall that I usually purchase my Hallmark decorations early, with the 2016 purchase occurring in August. This year I set a new record and made my first purchases for the 2017 tree in January.

In my defence I needed the two Garfileds to complete a set I had started years ago (okay, so it wasn’t really a set just a single Garfield — but NOW it’s a set.)

See how happy my original ‘tree’ Garfield is to be reunited with his alter egos?

In August I checked out the Hallmark decorations in Target but didn’t fancy any — well none that complied with the rules anyway.

So with a little help from Grant and my credit card I completed the 2017 additions online.

2017 online additions

Grant gifted me Eeyore and the Grouch (because I’m grouchy) while the forces-of-gravity worked their magic on my credit card to ensure the Stormtrooper and Papa Smurf also arrived in my mail box.

2017 Christmas Tree

I’m offering up a whole tree pic as proof of life for the odd-looking Santa climbing the Eiffel Tower and the rule breaching skiing moose — but given they are hidden right at the very back in their usual place, I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!

The original Christmas Tree post explaining the “rules”
2016 Christmas Tree Additions

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