Has a Book Changed Your Life?

Has a book changed your life?

This is the book that changed mine. Robyn’s Book a true diary by Robyn Miller.



Robyn’s Book a true diary by Robyn Miller

My copy is battered and bruised, the pages fragile, yellow and brittle, but even after all these years Robyn’s words still speak to me.

On Cystic Fibrosis by Robyn Miller

On Cystic Fibrosis by Robyn Miller

I was in Year Eleven when Robyn’s Book found me. It was the first time I had read a book by someone with Cystic Fibrosis, but the similarities didn’t end with the familiar bond experienced by people with Cystic Fibrosis.

Robyn was a writer, something I desperately wanted to be, and like me she had the fortune of relatively good lung health until she was sixteen.

I wasn’t a reader who had to imagine how it felt to watch a friend die knowing you had the same disease killing you also. I was there, living those moments too.

To this day, each time a member of my Cystic Fibrosis family dies her words have inevitably run through my head.

Pain Song By Robyn Miller

Pain Song By Robyn Miller

Robyn died as her book was about to go print, and although I never had the chance to meet her, my grief for her death was no less real. Her words had given me both a sense of a shared journey and an unexplained sadness.

Her words stayed with me for years and gave me the inspiration to keep writing. Robyn was one of the writers I both emulated and plagiarised while I was in high school and her words helped shape me into the writer that I am today.

As my first book steamed towards print, I began to lose the war against Cystic Fibrosis. And once again, it seemed like my life imitated Robyn’s – in the afterword by Neil Glixon, he explains that in her final days Robyn asked if her book would still be published.  I thought of Robyn as I was dying, and how simular our paths had been. Words tumbled through my head, but I no longer had the strength or breath to write and the knowledge that my book would still be published was bittersweet.

As hope was rapidly fading I was offered a second chance and I lived to see my words in print. From one salty girl to another – thank you Robyn, your words gave me hope and changed my life.


Robyn’s Book was an important part of my journey to publication. You can read my story, along with inspirational stories from 23 other authors in Writing the Dream.

Writing the Dream is available to pre-order from the Serenity Press, website now.


You’ll find more of my recommendations for reading about Cystic Fibrosis on my Pintrest Board : Cystic Fibrosis in Print – Books and More

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