Disrupted Festival 2016, Not Every One Gets A Second Chance

On Sunday I took part in the Disrupted Festival. Sitting amongst the shelves on Level 2 of the State Library, I was one of many living books sharing my story.

I had fifteen minute blocks to tell my life story to eight different strangers. I’m used to delivering talks for schools and community groups over the course of an hour – as you can imagine it’s pretty tough trying to squeeze your life into fifteen minutes.

Usually the focus of my talks revolve around my health – which on its own is quite a gritty topic. But on Sunday I also had to cram in my lifestyle choices, those things I had learnt about myself during my transplant journey.

I started off a bit rocky, running out of time in my first session, but I had the timing down pat by the end of the day.

One thing I took away from talking to my fellow living books on Sunday is that many of us were imparting a similar message. Life is short, be true to yourself and follow your dreams. Which made the title of my book “Not Every One Gets a Second Chance” even more poignant.


Speaking of that wonderful second chance that I received, coincidently Sunday also marked the start of DonateLife week here in Australia. The decision to be an organ donor is an important one – and it’s a choice that saves lives.

Please consider becoming an organ donor, and if this is something that you can see yourself doing, make sure you tell your loved ones so they know your wishes. You can register here.

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