All Hallows Read Display 2015

You have to put out all the best ghost stories to go with a Halloween display, so Room 12 was treated to a reading of My Dead Bunny (Sigi Cohen & James Foley) in Mr H’s best spooky voice. His rendition was so sinister that he was asked to reprise the performance at the Year Six camp.

But the highlight for the students, was not the rendition of My Dead Bunny, instead, the upside down witch in a bucket stole the show.

All Hallows Read Display - Witch Legs

All Hallows Read Display – Witch Legs

Yesterday, two girls from Year Three asked me (in all seriousness) “Is that your sister in the bucket?”

You can see how they have reached this logical conclusion. Those stocking do look a little like something I might wear.  I had a bit of a laugh, so  I posted the photo on facebook when I got home, tagging my sister and sisters-in-law. They all saw the funny side and had a good giggle.  It did just occur to me that I may have neglected to point out that the cute dog in the front isn’t just there to look pretty. Instead he has a pretty important job.  His ears flap up and down as he sings “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”.

Perhaps I should have mentioned that to them too …

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