Harry Potter Wands

There’s been a little influx of students this term into our book-club group that seems to have evolved into a makerspace. It’s possible that word of the wand making has spread and this may have had something to do with it.
I was a little concerned with the inflated numbers at first, but this year’s group get on very well together. I’m sure when they look back on these days they won’t remember the times I thought I’d tear my hair out in reaction to decisions that involved the addition of just one more decoration, or a little extra detail to another section. There were times when I thought we’d never finished these wands – at all, let alone this term!

Despite my worries, the older girls have helped the younger girls, and in turn the younger girls have helped the newcomers. And by the end of term everyone has managed to complete their wand. Just in time for the wrap-up party. And what a wrap-up party it was. Is there anything better than a group of bookworms having a party in the library and running around shouting “Expelliarmus!” with a Harry Potter wand that they’ve made themselves?

Some of the book-club girls with their Harry Potter wands

Some of the book-club girls with their Harry Potter wands

In fact, I too seem to be forgetting all those hair pulling moments, because I’m seriously contemplating making dragon eggs with them next term.

That’ll go smoothly – right?

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